And so the obsession begins

Yup. I did it. I bought a Cricut Create. And 2 carts. I found an AMAZING deal, and if anyone actually reads this thing, you have until midnight to take advantage of the deal I did.

Cricut Machine is having a sale in honor of the Olympics. The Create is (wait for it....) $74.95. That is an INSANE deal. Like that wasn't enough....ALL cartridges are $29.95. Craziness.

This shipping is a little high, but worth it.

I ordered Lyrical Letters and Home Decor, and I am going to camp out at my doorstep until it arrives.



Ani card for the parentals, really excited about this one. Or maybe because it just seems cooler since I created it while it was raining.

I created this card using the Cuttlebug and embossing folder. It's my new fave toy. More to come on my new toy the Cuttlebug.

One of my current faves is the K & Company Que Sera Sera line for paper and embellishments. I picked up this packet at JoAnn's. So pretty.
Never let an angry sister comb your hair. It's a great concept and mantra to live by, I know from experience.

baby shower card. I gotta tell you, I really love my little Martha Stewart edger puncher. That thing has come in so handy. I also over use my corner rounder, love that thing. I have issues with hard square corners. I also need to find more of these clear frames (seen here in black). I got these at JoAnn's.
Been working on a few design options for my sister's business cards. I love paisley, so I made myself stop at 7 or else I was going to overwhelm her with options.

Caught up.

Now I'm all caught up on posting pictures of past projects. From this point on, I'll post stuff I've worked on or am working on so not to bombard you with images :)
This Christmas, I decided to make gifts. I decided to make framed scrapbook pages for family members. I thought oh, this will be a great way to save money and to put a personal touch into gifts. The latter turned out to be true, the former, not so much. What can I say, I'm a sucker for scrapbooking stores. I'll post a few pictures of these framed pages.
This framed scrapbook page was created for a funeral. I wanted to showcase her family, and tried to do it in a memorable, creative way. She was a beautiful woman and she also really enjoyed scrapbooking. I would like to think she would've thought this was a neat piece.

love this photo. tcfw (too cute for words)

I love me some ancestry scrapbooking. The reason is simple: you cannot protect physical photographs, the evidence is clear if you have ANY old family photographs. They are torn, battered, bruised, faded and scratched. Ancestry scrapping is so special because it's so sentimental. I love it. the end.

here are a few invitations / announcements I've done in the past.
You just don't get this with digital scrapping. i'm just sayin.

Here's what I do.

So since I just started this blog, and I have a ton of projects to post, I'll lay it out for you. If you continue reading well, congratulations because I don't think anyone really cares but I don't like confusion.

Graphic design: I incorporate my real-life job into my crafting, especially scrapbooking. It's what many call digital scrapping. You take digital images and layer them in photoshop and VOILA! You have a beautiful layout. I also do invitations this way as well as marketing materials like biz cards, posters, you get the idea.

Scrapping: in old school fashion. literally sitting around and cutting, pasting, stamping, stickerizing and embellishing. I love sitting around on my mac and designing, but there is nothing like rooting through your sticker drawer looking for the perfect one for a project.

Card crafting: I like to save money, hence why I started card crafting. I'm still trying to convince myself (and my husband) that if I build a great paper collection, I can in the long run save thousands of dollars in greeting cards (therefore putting Hallmark out of business singlehandedly). Anyway, I like card crafting because I feel it puts a little more personal touch into it and I can also incorporate my copywriting experience.

Other crafts: I have a 2.5 year old. So this means school parties, tutus, pictures, costumes, decor, gifts and more. This is where my bag of tricks come into play. Including my awesome Jenome sewing machine that spends most of its days in a dark closet, but I'm working on getting that out more.

One of my favorite things to do is make pictures better in Photoshop, especially old photos. It's so great that I can take old, horrible quality photographs and scan them in to make them timeless and BETTER. Dark into bright, tears and scratches into clean, color correction. All wonderful things.
This was one of my first cards for my sister and brother-in-law's anniversary. I color blocked her sweater in photoshop and drew out the pink since pink is her favorite color. The card definitely needs work, but I still like the idea of pulling out one color in photoshop. It's a trick that never gets old and looks really cool.

yeah, i know.

for those of you who know me, i've been around the block in blogging names. from a personal account that i felt got a lil too personal for the internettes, to a blog about me, i decided it was time for just a plain ole blog to showcase a lil bit of my creativity and crafts. i love to be creative, whether that be writing, graphic design, cakes, scrapbooking, card crafting, sewing or projects for my 2 year old. so i needed a place to throw up all my art. not literally throw up, but place on the internet. it's a good way of journaling. especially since most of the things i make i give away as gifts, so it's a good venue to capture the things i've made. so here goes nothin.