Here's what I do.

So since I just started this blog, and I have a ton of projects to post, I'll lay it out for you. If you continue reading well, congratulations because I don't think anyone really cares but I don't like confusion.

Graphic design: I incorporate my real-life job into my crafting, especially scrapbooking. It's what many call digital scrapping. You take digital images and layer them in photoshop and VOILA! You have a beautiful layout. I also do invitations this way as well as marketing materials like biz cards, posters, you get the idea.

Scrapping: in old school fashion. literally sitting around and cutting, pasting, stamping, stickerizing and embellishing. I love sitting around on my mac and designing, but there is nothing like rooting through your sticker drawer looking for the perfect one for a project.

Card crafting: I like to save money, hence why I started card crafting. I'm still trying to convince myself (and my husband) that if I build a great paper collection, I can in the long run save thousands of dollars in greeting cards (therefore putting Hallmark out of business singlehandedly). Anyway, I like card crafting because I feel it puts a little more personal touch into it and I can also incorporate my copywriting experience.

Other crafts: I have a 2.5 year old. So this means school parties, tutus, pictures, costumes, decor, gifts and more. This is where my bag of tricks come into play. Including my awesome Jenome sewing machine that spends most of its days in a dark closet, but I'm working on getting that out more.

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