Part of the fun of scrapbooking (or any craft really) is finding super great deals. I for one am super obsessed with PAPER. I love it: I love stacks, single sheets, the smell and most of all, the variety! I got this bunch of paper waaaaaaay back in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby. They are priced 10 for a $1 which is a STEAL. The manager also told me if I bought a lot of it, he would sell it to me for even cheaper. Not sure what that meant, but maybe later.

I got all these stickers at Target. They are restocking their scrapbook aisle, and these were all 75%. These stickers ranged from $.75 to $1.50. GREAT deals. And they are good stickers, too.

The stamps I found at Big Lots for yes, $.50 a piece! That is a great steal for wood stamps! Gotta love the bargains.

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