Cause for Celebration

I got a Gypsy! I got a Gypsy!!!! I am soooooo excited! The prices dropped around the online stores, and I'm not exactly sure why (watch they will come out with some new cool one), but I snagged one up on ebay! I'm so excited to get it. I think it will allow me much more time to create on the go! Hopefully in a matter of days, I will be loading up all my cartridges on it so I can play play play!


GabrielaD said...

You will LOVE IT!!! I got mine in April and it has provided me so much. I love that I am using my carts so much more. Congrats!

Love That Bug said...

I am so happy for you. I just figured out how to work my Design Studio, so now I am bugging my hubby for a Gypsy.
Please share any pros and cons about it.

liz said...

that's very exciting for you! have fun with it!