My Hubby Rocks (Mother's Day Surprise)

Pop Quiz Time!
Who made this card?

A. My 2.5 year old daughter
B. An alien
C. My dog
D. My husband

For those that answered D, you are CORRECT! Tee hee. I couldn't make a blog post about my hubby without joking with him. In actuality, his first time Cricut skillz are pretty good. I think my first cut was way worse. So good job babe! More importantly, the card was attached to this amazing organization set up:

He is AWESOME!!! I went to go get a mani / pedi and I came home to this. He even put my paper stacks in there for me. I, of course, reorganized it by coordinating all of my solid card stock by colors so I can find it easier:

And now, since I have that, I have this on my desk....SPACE!

What a great Mother's Day present. He supports my crazy craft hobbies. Thanks so much!


*A* said...

what a sweetie! Love the new set up.

shari said...

He's a keeper, very nice gift. Shari (cricutrookie)