First Challenge Win!

Oh My Crafts!, an online craft retailer (which has excellent prices by the way), held a wedding-themed challenge a few weeks ago on Facebook. I was excited to enter a card I made for my cousin's wedding.

I just found out this morning that I won! They posted the 2 winners on Facebook, and I had to read it twice to make sure that was really my name listed. LOL. Anyway, I'm really excited about this - my first challenge win! Thanks for being a part of my excitement. They are sending me a prize, but winning was an honor enough. 

Here is the link to their Facebook post:



Congrats to you, that is so awesome!!

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paperscissors said...

Awesome! congrats! i laughed when you said you had to read it twice!!! your design is simple and elegant. this combo never fails

BeeBeebabs said...

Very nice tfs