iRock Review

A few of you have asked about the iRock. I ordered mine from Oh My Crafts a few weeks ago and have been using it on almost every project since. I got the bundle, which included the tool, the flower + stencil kit and the small tube of stones (these are called Glam Rocks). The other gem option is the Hot Rocks Compacts. It appears they are sold out right now!

There are two different types of stones that you can get for it: the crystals and the flat nail head type. I managed to find a TON of different gem options at Hobby Lobby (the two bags on the left in the picture). They come in all sorts of colors and sizes. These two in my picture were $2.99 a piece. You can also get multi packs of different colors for $14.99. I am waiting to use a coupon on those ;) Look for "iron on" hot fix with glue on the back. So yes, you can use other brands!

The tool itself is really simple to use. You turn on the switch for 15 seconds to let the base heat up. DON'T TOUCH IT! The only thing that I find a little annoying is you are supposed to hold down the button while pushing down the gem, but that's not a huge problem. It takes about 2 seconds to adhere the gem. I made the mistake of slightly burning my finger when I pushed on the stone to make sure it was on securely.  Learn from my mistake! I also got a little worried when my paper around the gem discolored a bit, but it came right back. You can bling out anything with this tool! Jeans, shirts, paper, glass, picture frames, the list goes on!

I'll be making a video tutorial this weekend so you can see this baby in action!


lowfat0001 said...

Thanks for the review Erin! Very helpful! I also ordered mine from OMC last week but only ordered the tool itself, not any of the gems yet (I figured I can always buy the gems later and was so afraid that they'll run out of the tool!) Can't wait to get it in the mail!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom on Cricut MB

DtsArt said...

I look forward to your video. I want one of these too! You have a great blog and I have an AWARD on my blog for YOU!

Regina said...

So glad you dished out the specifics on the iRock - I was truly curious. Now even more so, but I am also informed. Cool!

Love That Bug said...

Thanks so much for explaining, cant wait to see the video

~ Kendra ~ said...

Thanks, I just got the I-Rock, I love it! Thanks for the tip on being about to use the I-Ron gems as well, I didn't know about those, I'm going to have to look for those!