Mini Monsters card and video

Happy Tuesday everyone! Wait - it's only Tuesday?!?! UGH! Last night I spent the entire night cleaning my house for company this weekend. I did manage to get a layout done though.

I put together this Mini Monsters card Sunday and wanted to share the quick video.


mum of two said...

Love that! Love the stamps you used. Mini monsters is on my wish list... TFS :)

Savahanna said...

I love this card. I have seen this cut a couple times and LOVE it. Love the embossing too.

Anonymous said...

I just got my mini monsters cart. I haven't tried it out yet, but your Peachy Keen stamp has me wishing for that too.

I got my last set of pop dots at JoAnn's, but I just got dots by a different brand at the scrapbooking expo for $1.00 a pack. A steal so I got a bunch. I hope they work as nicely.

Elizabeth M.

flowerdisco said...

love that monster!

BeeBeebabs said...

Sooo cute