More Card Set Fun with Unity

Hello all! I didn't want ya'll to think I was abandoning you so I wanted to post a card from my card sets I'm working on. I'm making 12 total sets (all unique and personalized) and have 4 more to go! I will post a picture of them in all their glory when I finish (sometime in the year 2042). These stamps are from Unity's Singing Souls set. Fun!
And my beautiful mess :)


Angelica said...

Your mess has NOTHIN on my mess! HAHA this these sets look SO super adorable and it's a great idea for Christmas gifts. I might need to do that since I'm running out of time. p.s. I think we have the same iPhone covers... how freaky! haha Is it from unCommon?

Abby said...

Cute!!!!! I need to create sets like these!!! I have a craft show coming up on the 7th of Jan!!!! I have nothing yet!!! I am feeling inspired by your creations!!!!!

Felicia said...

I haven't even started my card sets yet... and I already have a mess in my area. I better get started. Love your card sets. TFS...Smooches!

Jen said...

So far you did a fantastic job!!!!
I just love your creations.. Super job.

Liset said...

cute, love the set!

Mari AKA Momo said...

I am loving your "Unity Series" LOL!!! Everything you make is amazing!!! You have the same love for color as me! XOXO Momo